Indian Elephant - Cox & Kings

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Well after hours and hours and hours of drawing, my piece for the Cox & Kings "Inspiring India" Challenge is finally finished. I decided to use the silhouette of a very beautiful Indian animal; the Indian Elephant, and then I incorporated images into that of things that I saw and remember from my 6 months of traveling around India, from the top to the bottom and back around and around.. My hand and my trusty black pen are both happy to have a well-deserved rest!

I was so inspired by my time there, and have been traveling a lot since then so this has been the first time I've had the chance to really start making some artwork specifically drawn from my travels in India, it's been great! Plus I also got to look through all my two thousand or so photos that I took there :)

So the drawing will be on show TONIGHT at The Royal Geographical Society, as part of a special "India" themed evening hosted by Cox & Kings - a luxury travel company specializing in luxury holidays and escorted tours to amazing places like India! There's going to be a talk by Mark Tully and lots of things to see, so it should be a fun evening x