Rainbow Weekend

Happy Sunday my dears!
Well I have been very busy this weekend coming up with some new foxy things for ye olde etsy shoppe and i'm not sure why (maybe because it feels like spring is finally coming) but everything i make seems to be coming out super rainbow colours!
Then today i went to meet a friend in Covent Garden for sunday lunch and shopping, and managed to inadvertently continue the rainbow theme by having tea and cupcakes at the wonderful Candy Cakes shop! I had a toffee and banana one with BRIGHT yellow icing which was delicious (though I did feel a little sick towards the end!)Anyway all this talk of cakes has reminded me of the cupcakes that I made for my 'wonderfully weird hat party,' which weren't quite as professional but equally as nice as the one I had today!

Enjoy the rest of your sunday, and lets hope this week will be full of more rainbow-ness :)